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This page will be continually modified, but here are some of the current and planned features:

Current Features

  • Integration with SharpDevelop, a GPL IDE for .Net projects
  • Syntax Highlighting with a user-editable XML based highlight list (using the SharpDevelop TextEditor control)
  • Data tree summerizing the schema of your database
  • Multiple connections
  • Intellisense-like autocompletion for column names of tables

Planned Features

  • Visual Studio / MS Access style graphical Query Builder
  • Ability to save queries and load saved queries
  • History of previously entered queries
  • Ability to export query results to XML or HTML
  • Stand-alone application using the SharpQuery components to create a robust standalone query tool
  • Alias support for the intellisense
  • Inline editing of SQL statements in your code via a highlight -> right click
  • Drag/drop of data connections into your project a-la VS.Net (feasable/required??)